Note: This page was last updated in late 2013. I hope to revamp it soon, but until then, you can find more recent collections of my work here, here and here.

A collection of almost every significant thing I've written or created on the Internet (minor news stories and quickie blog posts excluded). Man, imagine if I'd devoted all this writing energy to something other than jokes about butts and analysis of Mario games? Best not to think about it perhaps.



Smackdown Reviews

I recently started reviewing WWE Smackdown on a weekly basis -- you probably won't get all the jokes if you don't watch WWE, but I don't think you have to be a hardened pro-graps fan to get at least a few chuckles out of these. 


Uproxx/Gamma Cont.


Video Game Reviews

I reviewed a dozens of (usually terrible) video games back in the day, most of which I won't post here. Here's some of my better (or at least, most amusingly snarky) reviews though.